Bathroom Wall Mounted Electric Hair Dryer Skin Dry Machine

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Description: 1. The photoelectric isolation technology, isolate the strong and weak electricity to make sure safety in use. 2. Using internal heating type natural circulation. 3. Special add shaving socket. 4. Hot and cold wind adjusting button to choice the different wind temperature. 5. Special low noise design. 6. There will be automatic stop timeout protection under the condition of without changing gear continuous heating 15 minutes. 7. Built-in tamper-proof circuit to prevent interference with other electrical appliances. Specifications: Material: ABS plastic(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Size(approx): 195*90*260MM Color: White Wind temperature: 30-60 Rated frequency: 50HZ Rated power: 300-900W Nominal voltage: 220V Electric current: 5A How to use and maintain: 1. Dry skin machine must be used under the brand of the regulation of power supply voltage. 2. The outlet must ensure clear when using the dry skin machine otherwise not only short of using effect, but also cause overheating and burning apparatus. 3. When use hair dryer dry skin machine to blow dry wet hair, should make the outlet of hair driers dry skin machine from the hair (not less than 50 mm) a certain distance to prevent plugging tuyere and burning hair. At the same time, avoid vapour effect dielectric strength, so it is important for safe distance. 4. Before the end of the use of hair driers dry skin, try to be turn the switch from "heat" to "cold" in order to cut off electric heating element power. The cold wind will blow out with electric heating element of the residual heat. Lower the internal temperature of the electric hair dryer, and then turn off all the power. That can make the electric hair dryer internal insulation aging slow, prolong service life. At the same time electric hair dryer dry skin machine placed on the table is not easy to burn other objects. 5. Continuous use time should not be too long, should be clearance intermittent use. In order to prevent electric heating element and motor overheating and burning. Electric hair dryer dry skin machine should be placed in dry places when not to use at ordinary times, avoid placed in the open air or moist places. If electric hair dryer dry skin machine has been not use for a long time, should first check the insulation resistance. Because of the dust in the air, although a lot of electric hair dryer have filter into air inlet. filter Play a protective role, but it can't prevent dust particles that very small. And not all electric hair dryer has a filter cloth. Therefore it must be regular cleaning dust, preventing blocked duct and damage components. 6. Don't throw to jilt, preventing damage parts. Package Included: 1 x Dry skin machine 1 x Adapter (according to different region) Notes: 1. Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement, please make sure you do not mind before you bid. 2. The colors may have different as the difference display, please understand. 3. In order to ensure the normal use of electric hair dryer dry skin machine, should be made a regular basis check on the bearing of the motor parts and other rotating parts should be filled with lubricating oil.But shoulds not be too much oil, otherwise will be flow into the coil and cause damage.

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