5 Gallon Foldable Solar Heating Shower Bag Portable Camping Hiking Garden Bath Water Bag

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Description: This Camp shower can keep you clean while camping or hiking. It was made of NON-TOXIC PVC materials. It doesn't leak anytime and also the handle is reinforced by a hard plastic tube. The water flow was controlled by a pull on/off shower spout, with large capacity of 5 gallon and well performance on heating absorbility. it makes you more enjoyable to take a warm shower after a long expedition. This shower bag can be folded away for easy storage with only about 12 oz. Instructions for use 1. Rinse the shower with warm water and 1table spoon of baking soda before initial use. 2. Fill with water, place on a flat surface with black side up and expose to direct sunlight. 3. Maximum temperature should be achieved in approximately 3 hours, it can makes the 15 water reach 45. 4. Test the water temperature before use as temperature can get up to 50 degrees Celsius in the strong sunshine. 5. Suspend using the hanging cord and suspension handle and shower is ready for use. Warns 1. Camp shower can heat water up to over 50. You must test water temperature before showering and add cold water if necessary. 2. Please don't heat the water over 50 or it will shorten the service life of bag. The water is undrinkable. Specification PVC material Non toxic / Anti-UV coating Color: Black Capacity: 5 gallon/20L Size: 60 cm x 40cm Length of pipe: 60cm Package included: 1 Shower bag with Pipe 1 Hanging nylon cord with a hook 1 x Flexible tube, tap, shower head

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