New Ear Body Piercing Tool Kit 96 Free Silver Studs

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Description: The material of the studs is stainless steel with silver plated surface Dimension of gun: app 115 x 80 x 8 mm Dimension of case: app 130 x 90 x 20mm Instruction: 1. Place a piercing stud in the adapter hole. 2. Pull back the tension regulator. 3. Pull the trigger, the point of the stud is used as a guide for aim. 4. Press fire, forcing the stud through the flesh. NOTE: Clean up both the tool and studs before and after use, the size of the stud may vary slightly and maybe not exactly fit the adapter hole. When you put the stud into the hole, please note if it's too loose, you can use some gossypium asepticum to make sure the stud is straight. Package include: 1 x Ear Piercing Tool 1 x marker Pen 1 x Plastic Case 1 x Mini Mirror 96 (48 pairs) x Studs with plastic backs

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