mSATA Mini PCI-E SSD to 2.5 SATA Converter Adapter With Case

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Feture Plug and play. You can connect it to laptop or desktop. It is the best way to upgrade PCI-E SSD to 2.5" SATA The main body is plastic,it is very light. The speed is not changed after PCI-E SSD is converted 2.5" SATA. Quake-proof. There is a layer of soft material under the core component, so it has high anti-drop performance. Support mini PCI-e converted into SATA hard disk case, install start-up system such as linux, Win 98,Win XP, Win2000,Win 7, DOS, etc. Expand the scope of PCI-E SSD. Mini PCI-e SSD Specification Mini PCI-e SSD Custom Size: Form factor 69.5 mm (L) x 32.1 mm (W) Mini PCI-e SSD Full Size: Form factor 50.95 mm (L) x 30mm(W) Form factor 50.95 mm (L) x 32.1mm (W) Mini PCI-e SSD Half Size: Form factor 28.6 mm (L) x 30mm(W) Spec Size 10*7*1cm Net Weight 135g Interface Mini pcie to 2.5" SATA Material aluminium alloy face-plate; high-accuracy plastic regula Package Included: 1x USB3.0 Front Panel

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