Double USB Port 2 Way Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Splitter Charger

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Description: LED charging indicator. This product is suitable for DC 12V models. Two cigarette lighter hole and two USB ports. Single cigarette lighter hole, dual USB socket, with fuse. Can use the MP3 and other small appliances at the sametime. Solving the problem that when pluging the MP3 and other small appliances, you can not use the point butts distress. Suitable for powering and charging electronic devices including Cell Phones, GPS, PDA, iPod, MP3 Players, Cameras, Video Games, etc. This item is practical and convenient, smart and refined, with an extension cord. It also have a blue power indicator, to inform whether energized when you plug in the power. Specification: Input: DC 12V Output: DC 12V Output current: 500mA Output power:60w Output interface: USB Color: Black Material: Engineering plastics Size: 9*4.8*3.2cm Line Length: 62cm Weight(Kg): 0.1g Note: The maximum current and power is about 5A, 60W. More than this power will damage this product. Package Included: 1 X USB Port Cigarette Lighter