Car Tire Water Oil Fuel Change Transfer Gas Liquid Pipe

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Car Tire Water Oil Fuel Change Transfer Gas Liquid Pipe Siphon Air Pump Tool Features: 100% Brand new and high quality This highly versatile multi-use pump works for inflation and liquid transfer. It includes an intake and discharge transfer system that makes pump ideal for oil changes and siphoning gasoline. It also works as an air pump for inflation of toys, air mattresses and more. Use to transfer liquids, remove water, change oil and siphon gas Quickly and easily transfers any fluid Safely transfer harmful liquids Multi use siphon pump transfer most liquids and pumps air for inflatables (sports balls, bech toys) siphon gas, oil and etc. Transfer liquids rapidly Pumps air or any liquid Intake and discharge transfer system Material: Plastic Pump size: Approx. 7x22.7cm Pumping gas cylinder Capacity: 200cc Suction tube length: 1.3m Suction tube inner diameter: 10mm Suction tube outer diameter: 14mm Extension tube length: 1.2m Extension tube inner diameter: 3mm Extension tube outer diameter: 5mm Trachea length: 0.4m Trachea inner diameter: 5mm Trachea outer diameter: 10mm Package included: 1x Siphon Pump 1x Suction Tube 1x Extension Tube 1x Playing trachea 4x Connector Notice: 1. Suction operation, try to keep the oil out of the oil is lower than the inlet port, so suck out the oil, you can stop twitching, oil will continue to flow automatically. 2. Each smoked gasoline and clean, proceed to the injection pump inlet tube small amount of oil, so that suction is maintained between the barrel and the rubber ring lubrication for the next use, so you can effectively extend the service life of pumping 3. This product does not apply to extract oil or other viscous, semi-liquid state 4. Now comes with a lot of private cars sieve, use and control of the same tube pumping crude into his tank test, if not please do not buy into it, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble