Car Power Cord Cigarette Lighter Plug Power Wire 3m Current Cable

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Description: This cigarette lighter power cord widespread use, can be used to access other automotive electrical products, or car lights and the like, with a switch control switch with working lights, turn on the switch at work. This product is convenient and simple.Inside the cigarette lighter plug with a 10A fuse to protect the line safety for car circuit. Feature: 1. With length up to 3m cable. 2. Using high-quality copper, prevent the insulating rubber from sticky, and the wire core from becoming brittle black. 3. Avoid connecting car circuit, makes it more convenient and simple. 4. With on-off switch. the switch with indicator and it will lights up when it works. 5. There's a 10A fuse to protect the line safety In the plug. Specification: Model C800-3M Material Plastic+ Copper Size 3m Weight 70g Input Voltage 12-24V Output Voltage 12-24V Output Current 10A Wire Gauge 0.5 square Color Black plug+ Red Wire Working Indicator LED light Usage Suitable for all electronic products with power supply 12V or 24V, such as LED lights, car dome light, decorative lights, etc. Installation: Connect red to the positive of power supply, black to the negative. Then insert it in the car's cigarette lighter socket. Package Included: 1 X Car Power Cord