Car Charger Cable for GPS GSM Tracker TK102 Hard Wire

条件: 新しい

海運: 無料


Description: This is a brand new Hard Wire car battery charger(for GPS Tracker TK102). 12-24V DC input,5V DC 1000MA output. It offers your tracker with Non-stop power supply after connecting it with your car battery. Meanwhile, it can collect and store power for tracker's using even after you turn off your car battery. Last thing, it will never exhaust your car battery. You can leave it W/O any worries. Specification: Apply:Car Battery ,Dry Battery. Suitable for TK102A, TK103A, TK103B Car Charge: 12V-24V input, 5V output Battery: DC to DC Standby Time: No Restrict Interface type:Mini USB Not for TK102B Package Included: 1 X Car Charger for GPS tracker