Black 12V 30/40 Amp Car Auto Relay With Wiring Harness And Socket

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Description: Brand New Automotive Relay With Wiring Harness And Socket Color: Black Voltage:12V 30/40A Heavy Duty Relays 5 Wire Relay Socket Wiring Harness Heavy Duty 16 Gauge Harness Feature: Coil Resistance:90 Ohms Coil Inductance:0.8H Dielectric Strength:500V RMS Temperature Range:-40C ~ 125C Inital Operating Data:7 milliseconds Type:SPDT: Single Pole Double Throw Fitment: Hundreds of uses,such as Fog Lights, HID Headlights, Strobes, Fuel Pumps,Stereos Air Ride Suspensions, Fans, Air Horns, Car Alarms, Remote Starts and so much more. Package included: 1X 5 wire relay socket wiring harness