Inverter for Toshiba P100 P105 L15 L25 AS023170180

Condition: New

Shipping: Free


Description: 100% Brand New, Never Used, Directly form manufacturer This is a LCD Inverter . Easy to install. Each inverter is tested before shipping and are 100% working. Be made from high quality and durable materials Replace Part Number : 2994729902, 305.00126, A023172310, AS023172018, AS023172069, AS0231720B6, AS023172166, AS0231721B3, AS023172328, AS023172C01, AS023172C10, AS023172C28, ASO23172140, DAC-08b06, T18I077.03, V13125/T-LF, PWB-IV12129T/G4-LF, AS0231701D7, 19.A50V07.0011, DAC-08N007, IV13125/T, N137, P13125, PWB-IV13125, PWB-IV13125T/C2-E-LF, PWB IV13125TXF/C2 Compatible Models : Compaq Presario V2000 Series: V2410US, V2001XX, V2413US, V2002AP, V2414NR, V2004AP, V2419US, V2006AP, V2424NR, V2007AP, V2575US, V2008AP, V2670CA, V2042AP, V2035AP, V2039AP, V2031AP, V2030AP, PV2036AP, V2030US, V2029AP, V2028AP, V2021AP, V2027AP, V2024AP Compaq Presario M2000 Series: M2000Z, M2001XX, M2005US, M2010CA, M2010US, M2015LA, M2070US, M2099XX, MV IUR, M2101US, M2105CA, M2105US, M2108US, M2200Z, M2001AL, M2002AL, M2003AP, M2005AP, M2006AP, M2009AP, M2010AP, M2010US, M2012AP, M2013AP, M2017AP HP Pavilion DV1000 Series: DV1001AP, DV1009XX, DV1010AP, DV1010US, DV1011EA, DV1012LA, DV1014AP, DV1014LA, DV1015AP DV1015LA, DV1024AP, DV1024LA, DV1025AP, DV1025LA, DV1037AP, DV1044LA, DV1045EA, DV1049CL, DV1057EA, DV1060US, DV1065EA, DV1065US, DV1075EA, DV1100, DV1115AP, DV1115LA, DV1117AP, DV1117LA, DV1125EA HP Pavilion ZE2000 Series: ZE2000, ZE2010AP, ZE2010EA, ZE2018AP, ZE2045EA, ZE2203AP, ZE2209AP, ZE2220LA, ZE2240EA, ZE2108EA, ZE2145EA, ZE2201AP, ZE2202AP, ZE2241EA Acer Aspire 1410 1640 1680 1690 3000 3500 Series Toshiba Satellite P100 P105 L15 L25 L15-S104 L15-S1041 Series Package included: 1*LCD Inverter board for TOSHIBA

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