Gold-plated Plug USB 2.0 to RS232 DB 9 Pin Serial Cable

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Specification: 1. Name: USB2.0 to Serial Cable 2. Color: black 3. Plug type: 24k Gold-plated Plug 4. Chip: pL2303 Chip 5. Material of cable: Environmental protection crystal transparent black PVC 6. Working current: 200mA 7. Working voltage: 5V 8. Total length: approx. 51cm 9. Weight: approx. 79g 10. Support Windows, for Mac, for Linux system Features: 1. Special design conversion cable with dust cover. 2. Transmission performance of gold-plated plug is well. 3. Full-speed USB device interface, compatible with USB V2.1, V1.1. 4. Using PL2303RA original chip, the standard serial protocol. 5. Computer-side windows operating system under the serial application is fully compatible, no need to modify. 6. Hardware full-duplex serial port, built-in send and receive buffer, support communication baud rate 50bps ~ 2Mbps. 7. Support the commonly used MODEM contact signal RTS, DTR, DCD, R1, DSR, CTS. 8. Anti-electromagnetic interference design, USB bus self-powered, support baud rate 2400bps to 115200bps. 9. Plug and play, drive disc is easy to install and use. 10. Can be used for tax control machine, CNC machine tools, industrial machinery, instrumentation, bar code, etc. RS232 serial device. Package included: 1 * Gold-plated Plug USB 2.0 Serial Line USB to RS232 DB 9 Pin Serial Cable

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