Audi Music Interface AMI MMI 3.5mm Jack Aux-IN MP3 Cable

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Descriptions: Use this cable to connect any MP3 player (excluding the iPod) to the Audi Music Interface (AMI). Simply plug it into the headphones jack on your player and enjoy your music in full stereo sound. This cable transmits audio signals only, no content is displayed on the Multi-Media Interface (MMI) screen. 27cm in Length. Designed to fit 2009 and up A4 or S4 with AMI (Audi Music Interface) A3 A4 A5 A6 A6 A8 TT Q5 Q7 R8 Compatible with Audi MMI 3rd Generation Audi Part # 4F0-051-510-F Notes: This cable is ONLY fit for Audi vehicles equipped with AMI. Physically, AMI is located next to the CD Changer, or located underneath the center armrest. (A6, A8 in the glove box, Q7 in the center console) This cable only works on models that call for the 4F0051510L does not work in models that call for the 4F0051510K. Please check your manual for fitment. Installation Guides: Pull out the head unit from the car and touch the back of the head unit for CDC port when the ignition is switched of Properly connect its one end to Audi Music Interface, while the other end to any device that has 3.5mm earphone jack. Put the wire harness into the proper and good place after the test successfully. When connection is done, the device will appear in the MMI navigation. Simply press MEDIA on the MMI controller buttons. Package included: 1xAudi AMI 3.5mm Jack Cable

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