650nm 50mW Cross Infrared Positioning Reticle Laser with Base for Woodworking Machinery

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Description: 650nm 50mW Infrared Positioning Reticle Laser has stable performance, good consistency, long service life. Specification: Wavelength 650nm Output power 50mW Operating current 120mA Supply voltage DC2.8-5V Dimensions 16*70mm Spot pattern Cross Working life Seiko level 10,000 hours or more Structure Imported laser diode + Metal shell + High quality lens + Constant power circuit board + Plug line Features: 1. Intelligent feedback control circuit 2. Efficient transmittance optical system 3. Low power consumption, high performance optical power output 4. Stable performance, good consistency, long service life. 5. Laser line can reach 8m indoors . 6. Can be used for machinery processing industry, wood processing industry, metallurgical industry, stone processing industry, garment equipment, clothing equipment, paper cutter, tire molding machine, printing machine and etc.. Package Included: 1 x Infrared Positioning Laser 1 x Base 1 x Power Adapter 1 Set x Screws with tool More Details:

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