4 Ports USB2.0 Sharing Switch For PC Computer Scanner Printer

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Description: This USB2.0 Sharing Switch Box ,do not required software installation, and no external power required, which is compatible with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0.Most great prrformance is that cost-effective for small business and home to manage network layout,you can share your USB device such as printer or scanner with up to 4 computers,share one USB device between four computers without manually switching out cables. What is more,switch buttons in push-button form displayed on the front of the switch for each access for switching from computer to computer. Specification: 1.Color: Black 2.Weight: 162g 3.Interface type: USB 2.0 4.Connectors B : USB Type B Female 5.Connector A: USB Standard Type A Female Package includes: 1 x 4 port USB sharing switch box

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