2x50CM SATA 3.0 6GB/s High Speed HDD Cable Straight For Computer Drive

Condition: New

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Description: SATA 3.0 cable offers a durable high quality connection. Make plug-and-play connections for such devices as SATA3.0 6GB/s adapter and SATA3.0 hard disk or another peripherals. Transfer rate of up to 2 times faster than the SATA 2.0 3GB/s version and has been dubbed the super speed SATA. Compatible with SATA-II(3Gb/s)/SATA-I(1.5Gb/s). Connection: SATA 3.0 Male to Male. Cable Length: 50cm - 19.7inch. Package Included: 2 x SATA 3.0 Cable

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