1.75mm 1kg/2.2lb PLA 3D Printer Filament For Mendel Printrbot Reprap Prusa

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Features: -Pure PLA, no impurities, bright color, high toughness. -Consumables in the use of the material is very uniform, not easy to plug. -The large part model can be printed without a heated bed and the corners do not tilt, with good tensile strength and ductility. -Has good mobility and transparency, low shrinkage, smooth and delicate. -Widely used in industrial machinery and plastic parts, model machinery, electronic appliances, instrumentation and other industrial fields. Instructions for use: -Printer extrusion head temperature control in the 190-230 degrees Celsius, the support board without heating, the line at 50 degrees Celsius dry after 2-4 hours to use, forming better, smooth and delicate silk. Specifications: Material: PLA Color: White, Blue, Red, Transparent Size: Approx. 20x6.5cm/7.87"x2.55" Wire diameter: 1.75mm Print temperature: 195-1230 Density: 1.25 0.05 g / cm Length: 340m Print speed: 40-100mm / s Bending modulus: 60Mpa Tensile strength: 60Mpa Breaking elongation: 3% Solution flow rate: 5-7 g / 10 min (190 C, 2.16 kg) Weight: 1321g Package Included: 1x 3D Printer Filament

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